Nexpharma 500ml Shaker Cup

 Nexpharma High Quality Shaker Cup for gains on the go.

        • Nexpharma 500ml Shaker Cup
        • BPA Free
        • Leak Proof Cap
        • Side Measurement Scale
        • 3 piece container for protein and other powders
        • Cutting edge SpiderMix® spiral for maximum mixing
        • Extra pill divider compartment
        • Dishwasher safe

Nexpharma High Quality Shaker Cup - designed for gains on the go!

Our innovative design consider everything that you want and need from a shaker cup. It meets all of your training needs from a leak proof seal to extra screw bottom storage for supplements.

The patented SpiderMix® spiral is made from the highest quality, surgical-grade stainless steel. It takes mixing to another level with no clumping and swift cleaning.

Like all of our products, Nexpharma sources only the best materials worldwide. You can rest assured that your blender bottle is high quality and BPA free

              • BPA Free
              • Dishwasher safe
              • Multiple compartments for carrying supplements on the go
              • Easy mixing with surgical stainless steal SpiderMix® spiral
              • Leak Proof Lid
        Nexpharma 500ml Shaker has a capacity for 500ml of your favourite liquid / 200g of powder whether that's protein, glutamine, creatine, BCAAs, preworkout or whatever your heart desires. Simple pour in your liquid and powders, tighten the cap and shake to your hearts content.

            * Results based on taking Nexpharma products with a healthy diet and consistent workout routine.