Layered Chia & Acai Smoothie Breakfast Jar Recipe

June 21, 2016

Layered Chia & Acai Smoothie Breakfast Jar Recipe

The perfect summer breakfast -Layers of delicious fresh fruits, chia, and nut butter boost your energy at the beginning of your day plus  get protection against oxidative stress, and stay hydrated. Acai berries are an awesome superfood loaded with antioxidants they are also great source of fiber and healthy fats. They increase energy production in the mitochondria,  hydrate you, and help your body fight against free radical stress, as it is said that their antioxidant benefits are higher pound for pound than most of the other berry fruits, including blueberries. 

Author: The Awesome Green


Chia Pudding
4 tbsp chia seeds
1 cup almond milk
Half Scoop Nexpharma vanilla protein powder

Acai Smoothie Layer
1 tbsp acai powder
1 cup fresh strawberries
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp almond butter
2 tsp unsweetened desiccated coconut
3-4 fresh mint leaves
¼ cup almond milk

*Optional Super Boost: 2 tsp bee pollen (use hemp hearts for the vegan version)

Fruit Layer
Fresh mixed berries, mashed with a fork to retain juice and chunks (depicted: strawberries and blueberries)

Top Garnish: fresh fruits, bee pollen (*optional), coconut flakes, mint leaves


Add the chia seeds, almond milk and Nexpharma vanilla protein powder into a medium bowl, mix to combine and set aside for 15 minutes, until the seeds absorb all the liquid.
Add all the smoothie layer ingredients into a blender and process to obtain a creamy mixture.
In the jar add half of the mashed fruits, then layer the chia pudding, top with acai smoothie mash and top with fresh fruits, bee pollen, mint leaves and coconut flakes.
Proceed the same with the second jar, then serve or lid the jars and pack to go.

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